In the cosy setting of the Théâtre de Haguenau, be transported to faraway lands by mystical and enchanting songs.
  • Wednesday 21st of August 2024
    8pm to 10pm
  • Théâtre de Haguenau
    1 place du Maire Guntz
    67500 Haguenau
  • Entry fee
    Adult: 15 € (sliding scale - see Theatre)
    Child (under 12 years old): 5 €

Get ready and open your ears wide for this exclusive evening, packed with emotions. 

For this 63rd edition, we invite you to take a symphonic journey around the world.

À Hue et à Dia

Over the years, Elsa BADER, Julie FANDI, Alexandrine GUEDRON, Leila HARMI-MEISTERMANN and Claire ROBERT have embarked on an immobile journey.

They met men and women from very diverse countries, regions and traditions, learned their songs and were given a piece of their cultures. They share these encounters with the audience, using voice and drums, choosing songs whose content speaks to them as women today: social demands, migration, freedom, abortion, maternity, dignity, etc.

The KUD Anka Ošpuh Ludbreg's female choir

This all-female choir will perform a variety of songs, each song reflecting the rich and diverse cultural heritage of the Podravina, Međimurje, Baranja and Posavina regions. 

Prepare to be transported by their harmonious voices, which intertwine to create a mesmerising musical experience. This evening will give you a unique opportunity to discover the rich and diverse heritage of Croatian music. Whether you're a seasoned music lover or simply curious to discover new cultures and traditions, you'll be touched by the authenticity of the songs they perform!